Backporting (currently under authority of UmiTweak)Edit

Backporting the game from MG's rigid and hard to use BGI engine to ONScripter will increase our ability to manipulate content, thus making modifications take a fraction of the effort, and consequentially allowing us to have cool shit like a Voice Patch and CG Patch. It will also let us fix existing problems, etc. It's the next step in finalizing all efforts and fulfilling all desires for the game that have accumulated up to this point.

The actual process of backporting is simple; we simply need to copy and paste all lines from MG's release into the result/0.txt file extracted using Insani's tool from the original game. This is tedious, but with about 5 people, it'd probably only take like 2-3 days. More realistically, people will be piecing it together. Though, really, I think what people want most right now is a Voice patch. It's kind of imperative, and would greatly enhance the experience/make it worth playing a second time right before Kai comes out.

Here's the to-do/progress list for the entire process.

1. Get the original MG Scripts from the only person who has a copy of it, RETrans Dev [ ]

2. Extract the scripts from original Higurashi [x]

3. Segment out that by day indicators, so we have sections and chunks as opposed to a single file [ ]

4. Upload those scripts to Assembla? Or some other online hosting system (that's not retrans), so everyone can work on it.

5. Copy and pasting the lines into: Onikakushi (Use Sonozaki's ver?) [##%] Watanagashi [##%] Tatarigoroshi [##%] Himatsubushi [##%]

6. Put the single script file back together. [ ]

7. Submit it to voice file hacker guy who demands the game be in onscripter to work with it. (Voice Patch) [ ]

8. Run some easy mode maintainence on sprite/bg patch (Sprite/BG Fix) [ ]

9. Convert CGs to usable ONScripter form. Insert those into script file (CG Patch) [ ]

10. Editing effort finishes, make a patch that patches ONScripter version if desired (Any hacker can do this) (PR Patch) [ ]

11. Celebrate the fact that we've now patched this game to heaven and hell and back. [ ]