Though not exactly related to fixing Higurashi, this is a general guide for beginners (mostly intended for Mac users) on how to get the game running as good as possible on their system. This guide is not perfect, as the program that you will be using to play this game is far from complete, so if you know any fixes please edit your findings here.

Try the DemoEdit

Before you bother installing this stuff and getting thing full game, you could try the English patched demo of almost all the first ard Uncle Mion (her website) released a while back, which she was awesome enough to port to Mac and Linux. There are some differences to this demo however. The three biggest things are that the game has a very different selection of music (more upbeat), has an (arguably better) translation, and unfortunately you wont be able to save.

You can download the demo here:

For Mac UsersEdit

What we'll be needing is (insert the rest here after successfully installing on mac)

For Linux UsersEdit

Since you are looking at this guide, it will be assumed that you are most likely using Ubuntu, or a similar Debian based distro like Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu or Mint. If your system doesn't use .deb packages, just use this guide as a reference if even needed.

Getting WineEdit

What we'll be needing is the WINE Windows Compatibility Layer. While you can get this program on your software manager, if the current version of Wine it has listed is below 1.6, you'll have to follow what is said below, because any version below 1.6 has problems running this game.

Close out of that software manager and go to your terminal program and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:joe-yasi/yasi

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine1.6 winetricks

With this, right click on Higurashi.exe and make sure it loads by default with Wine. If the program loads with visuals and sound you've succeeded!

Getting Rid of Those Nasty Font LinesEdit

Next part comes fixing those lines that may be appearing due to WINE's selection of fonts.

  1. Get the font patch
  2. Go to your home folder (the one with your name on it), and unhide your hidden folders if not done already.
  3. from there go to .wine > drive_c > windows > fonts and extract the font in that zip into there.
  4. drag the ipl._bp file into the main game folder.

With that, those font lines should be gone.

Extra NotesEdit

  • Running this game in fullscreen may or may not work depending on what graphical interface you use. Cinnamon and Unity are pretty notorious on this one.