Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai OST (Visual Novel)

Partial version of the sound effects patch is done. This patch replaces Mangagamer's wa_* sound files with sound files from the original game. This includes most incidental sounds (doorbells, bat sounds, chimes, etc.) all of the atmospheric sounds (violin screeches, creepy chimes, basically anything you hear when Keiichi finds out something scary), and one background sound (the sound of the train). Like they did with the music, Mangagamer replaced various original sounds with a single sound. This patch restores the original variations.

Download Link (v1)

Download Link (v2)

Version 1 has stability issues. Version 2 isn't complete; it leaves around 20 Mangagamer sounds in the tracklist, but it should be stable.

Installing the patch works the same way as the music patch. Extract all of the files beginning with 'wa' directly into your game directory. Paste only the files, not the folder itself.


Q: Is there supposed to be a 'replace files' dialogue when placing the files? Or can you just place the files in the folder with BGI.exe and it just works.

A: Just place all the wa_* files directly into your higurashiwhentheycry directory with BGI.exe


There are still problems with this patch. If you find any errors, post about them here, and I'll try to fix them. If you know which wav file the wa_* file refers to, report that as well. If not, just the wa_* file will be fine.

Crash Errors: There are some sounds which crash the game. They'll display an error message with the track number that caused the problem. Post them here. Once found, just remove the broken sound file from your game directory and the crash will be resolved.

-wa_038 (SE137)


-wa_040 (SE068)

-wa_037 (seems to have a problem also upon start)


Suspected Crash Errors (omitted in Version 2):

wa_003 wa_004 wa_005 wa_006 wa_008 wa_011 wa_015 wa_016 wa_019 wa_023 wa_026 wa_029 wa_034 wa_035 wa_036 wa_038 wa_040

Transfer Errors: Despite the patch, some sounds may play their Mangagamer versions rather than the patch versions. If you find any, post them here.

-wa_044 (Suzu_1)