Ports MG Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai to the MG Onikakushi-Hen Engine to allow for the below patches to work for Kai. You have to copy and replace data01000.arc, system.arc and higurashi.exe from MG Onikakushi-hen to your Kai folders.

Kaibrid (for Meakashi) - Download

Kaibrid2 (for Tsumihoroboshi) - Download

Kaibrid3 (for Minagoroshi) - Download

Kaibrid4 (for Matsuribayashi) - Download

An archive of all Higurashi patches/files roaming on /jp/ -  DEAD LINK

All of the Kaibrid: Download

Hide Ugly Interface (COMPLETE)Edit

To install, first open the game up, press the "config" button, and at the bottom, set "function of right click" to "call menu". Exit out, make sure you have a backup of your game, and drag the files in the zip file directly into your game folder. Just make sure you never change back "function of right click" and you should be good.



Replace ugly font (COMPLETE)Edit

To install, simply double click the font and press install (Windows 7 should have this font by default though). If you don't see the install button just drag it into the windows font folder. Make sure you have a backup of Higurashi, then drag ipl._bp directly into your Higurashi game folder.

Cudder had mentioned in the past that he might make a new font patch, but that which needs to be done has been done, and it's been several years since then.



JList copy fix (COMPLETE)Edit

If you purchased a physical copy of Higurashi from JList, you may have issues with running the game after adding patches to your installation folder. Replacing the files in it with these should allow you to run the game with patches installed.


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