TL;DR To Do ListEdit

Sound Patch COMPLETE: As good as done as it'll ever be.

Editing/PR Patch "Editorashi" RTM AVAILABLE: Get it at Work in progress. All arcs edited. SP1 planned to release sometime later.

Music Patch: COMPLETE: Himatsubushi-hen complete, and Matsuri replacement patch complete. Could go an extra mile, but it's not really necessary. Could be nice to have all songs properly converted so people can make their own music patch hassle free.

Sprite and BG Patch: Fix the reccuring problems. Easier to work with/get done with the backport. No word on a loli rika patch.

Backport DependantEdit

In order to finish rounding out the remaining imperative tasks, this needs to be done. Involves copying and pasting all lines from MG's scripts into ONScripter.

Voice Patch: According to anon, Phiber, a hacker that lurks around the TL Wiki gang knows of a method to insert voice files via an automated process. Requires the game to be backported.

CG Patch: Can be done easily with the backport,

Omitted Content Patch: Minigames, Music Box, and Staff Room. Will come with the backport.

EDIT : In progress It's in french, but the english tl with be ported later.