CG Patch and Voice PatchEdit

[ Some anon has this grand master plan for these two. ]

"I am essentially backporting the game to onscripter by making a patch for the original game using MG's translated script, editing as I insert lines. I will only be adding CGs and other PS2 things to my patch once it's done, and release different versions of it. I'm thinking:

Original - Only (necessary) translated graphics + script PS2 Sprite - Original with PS2 sprites only - CGs optional PS2 BG - Original with PS2 BGs only PS2 Full GFX - Original with PS2 sprites and BGs - CGs optional PS2 Complete - Original with PS2 sprites, BGs, and BGM - CGs optional

CGs optional means there'll be 2 nscript.dat files included, one named nscript.dat (without CGs) and one named addCGs.dat, which when renaming nscript.dat to something else and changing addCGs.dat to nscript.dat will, well, add the CGs."

Nobody else has indicated that they are working on this. The anon hasn't backed up what he said, nor indicated process. There is no way, necessarily, to know if it's likely to happen. However, he's also the only person who seems interested. A CG patch could be done prematurely via the sprite method and manual insertion, but that's probably not going to happen. Someone from TL Wiki said they would be able to make a voice patch using the onscripter backport.

The biggest bar to the voice patch is, lest we find a way to make it automated, nobody wants to go to the work of matching and inserting 71,236 WAVs. But if you do heres a link



If anyone wants to extract WAVs/PNGs/BMPs from the ISO of the PS2 game heres the tool: